Lab Members

The Peer Relations Lab includes graduate students, full-time research assistants, undergraduate students, and volunteers who play an instrumental role in helping to conduct research. Many also are involved in the examination of independent hypotheses that serve the basis for honors theses, masters theses, dissertation projects, and other theoretical and empirical contributions.

Lab Manager
While Mitch is on leave, the Peer Relations Lab is being run by Dr. Casey Calhoun

Elizabeth Nick

Graduate Students
Matt Clayton
Nathan Field
Kara Fox
Sarah Owens (on internship)
Olivia Pollak

Project Coordinators
Ariana Davis
Zelal Kilic
Lizzie Wilson
Paul Wynkoop

Undergraduate Research Assistants
A’sja Abron
Tershona Branch
Ben Dameron
Tehya Drummond
Rosalba Gomez
Terrique Morris
Iniya Muthukumaren
Luke Nguyen
Jamie Tiblis
Jillian Whitener
Amy Xu
Yunshu Yu