Lab Members

The Peer Relations Lab includes graduate students, full-time research assistants, undergraduate students, and volunteers who play an instrumental role in helping to conduct research. Many also are involved in the examination of independent hypotheses that serve the basis for honors theses, masters theses, dissertation projects, and other theoretical and empirical contributions.

Graduate Students
Gaby Alvarez
Maya Massing-Schaffer
Sarah Owens
Chris Sheppard
Leigh Spivey

Project Coordinators
Matt Clayton
Trevor Long
Rachel Suresky
Andrea Wiglesworth

Undergraduate Research Assistants
Abigail Findley
Ariana Rivens
Candice Hsu
Cody Staples
Courtney Barth
Dan Ta
Edith Lindley
Jack Baird
Jessica Whalen
Juliana Haag
Matthew McCall
Megan Brickner
Natasha Townsend
Ryan Mahabir
Sarah Palasick
Tate Overbey
William Booker