Head shot2Mitch Prinstein is the John Van Seters Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, and accepts doctoral students from both the Clinical Psychology Program and the Developmental Psychology Program. Mitch’s research uses a developmental psychopathology framework to understand how adolescents’ interpersonal experiences, particularly among peers,  are associated with depression, self-injury, and health risk behaviors.  Mitch’s work examines:

1) Biomarkers of adolescents’ social stress-responses as predictors of self-Injurious thoughts and behaviors
2) Peer influence and adolescent health risk behaviors
3) Adolescents’ use of technology and development

Mitch also maintains a long-standing commitment to professional development in psychology.

This website offers an overview of research programs, information regarding the UNC Peer Relations Lab, and some professional development resources.

Mitch is currently on a professional leave from UNC to serve as the Chief Science Officer at the American Psychological Association.

For copies of publications, etc, also see:

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