Join the Lab

How can undergraduates get involved with the lab?

Our research team includes a large group of undergraduate students who help us collect, code, and enter data. Undergraduate students typically obtain direct experience with children, adolescents, and their families. The experience is designed to help students gain skills that are required for admission in the top doctoral programs in psychology. Undergraduates may work as volunteers, work-study employees, or to receive course credit (e.g., Directed Reading/Research).

Our work benefits from the inclusion of many perspectives and diverse points of view.  Our lab also has a long-standing commitment to cultivate a more diverse new generation of psychological scientists and practitioners.  If you join our lab, you will be expected to participate in ongoing discussions about many forms of diversity, including racial/ethnic, gender/sexual, and religious differences.

Update:  Our lab is full for Fall 2020.  Please contact us in March for possible openings in Spring 2021.  If you are interested in joining the lab, complete this application form and email project coordinator, Paul Wynkoop. Interviews typically are conducted once a semester around the time of class preregistration.